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Thai street food

finland's funkiest thai street food places, prepared by those who know thai food the best, thai chefs
thai street food

town of Porvoo, a short distance from the capital city Helsinki. It quickly became obvious that the fresh and authentic Thai flavors we brought were loved and our open kitchen gave the honesty in our food that people were looking for.

In 2017 we open our second restaurant in Sörnäinen, Helsinki that brought a fresh dynamic to our customers with a more formal feel and sit down dining experience.

2018 Saw the long-awaited opening of Tampere in April and Jyväskylä in December, adding incredible people to our growing family.



Lounas Porvoo. Porvoo Lounas - Lounaat Porvoo

Lounas Porvoo. Porvoo Lounas - Lounaat Porvoo


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